Design for bio-inclusive cities

Design for all life

The city is a habitat for all life. We question the human relation to nature: it is not to control, deny or solve the environment, but rather stimulate its diversity by making habitats for emerging growth. Including all life in design is essential for living together on a damaged planet.

Startup to experiment

Urban Reef is a young and adventurous startup based in Rotterdam. We develop bioreceptive materials, shapes and interactions. We are setting up a platform for experimental research from which projects and products emerge. Our current projects are the Rain Reef and the Zoo Reef.


An ecological approach to technology

Pierre (PhD Design, MSc Landscape Architecture) is conceptual designer at Urban Reef. He teaches at TU Delft. Pierre´s PhD related ecological philosophy to design. Design and technology can work together, bridging new perception and care for the environment. Nature could love technology.

Max (MSc Architecture) is a computational designer at Urban Reef. He specialised in Robotic Manufacturing. As a researcher he is connected to the Robotic Building Lab at the TU Delft. Max is interested in developing data-informed designs, in which functionality and aesthetics are closely related.

Follow the growth






Paul Huttinga - Intern Computer Science
Ben Slabbekoorn - Intern Urban Design
Max Latour - Founder and Computational Design
Kim van den Bighelaar - Intern Urban Design
Pierre Oskam - Founder and Concept Design

Interested in contributing to greener cities? Not afraid to experiment?

Urban Reef is looking for you!

We have internship vacancies for (under)graduate talents (EN/NL) in:

Informatics, Product Design, Building Technology, Biochemistry, Biology, Marketing & Communication, Business and Material Engineering.

To build Urban Reef´s we:

  • research bio-receptive materials

  • design for biodiversity

  • 3D print with living materials

  • and much more

Interested and available in Rotterdam in the period of Feb-Jun 2022?

Mail a short motivation, CV and portfolio to: pierre@urbanreef.nl & max@urbanreef.nl

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Pierre Oskam

Tel.: +31636437866

E-mail: pierre@urbanreef.nl

Max Latour

Tel.: +31634007276

E-mail: max@urbanreef.nl

RDM Innovation Dock, Scheepsbouwweg 8, Kavel D9

Urban Reef is situated at a really cool spot full of potential: Innovation Dock Rotterdam. Come visit us anytime!


RDM Innovation Dock, Scheepsbouwweg 8, Kavel D9

KvK: 93088520